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Bandung (Dayeuhkolot) in my Perspective

Sunday, March 20, 2011
As i know so far, living in here, Dayeuhkolot, is not always a pleasing. The turbid of water, dust everywhere, flood (sooo thanks God my room is always safe), and when i need to go out, traffic jam is always feels so damn! Rain is also not a good friend for us, it come so sudden and make the dust, pamparaaamm, turn into muds.

But the things i love in here are its morning and my friends. I have a room with an openable window in east side which means i can greet the sun every morning, open my window when i wake up earlier (trust me, when it's 9am or more, you have to keep your window closed or you'll get many dust in your room!) and then take a deep breath. About friends? haa, my besties are really best!

The worst, when i return home and then go back in here, i always sigh "Huh Bandung, campus.." feels like this place is so damn with its burden. Bandung means hard work and my dad & mom are no with me here. When i need them the most, thing i can do is just call them. When i sick, i can't ask them to take care of me directly.
But, hey, think positive *again*, one day i'll leave this place, and i'll definitely miss all the things in here with its messiness too. Enjoying all that? yaa ya ya ya sure!
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