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I Want To Be 20 yo Forever

Monday, November 05, 2012
Ah, lamaaa rasanya ngga buka dashboard blog. Terharu, beneran terharu rasanya pas barusan iseng buka blog dan cek feedjit, banyak orang baca angsajenius, entah nyasar entah ditunjukin jalan sama Google, atau sengaja buka blog ini. Padahal, it's been a long long long time since my last writing.

People said, a picture can say thousands words. Then I think on my first post after long hibernation, I wont share too much but some pictures. Guess what I've had! 

Idul Fitri 2012: can't thanks more for having this lovely family. A humorous daddy, superhero mommy and most humorous brother. Ya Rabb, may us be in Your Firdaus.

Padang Trip!! Attending besties-est wedding, Siti Halimah & Tito Anugrah Perdana. Then? Exploring Bukittinggi!! Was so much fun like dreaming!!

PDKT 2012. This is one of my most life changing experience. PDKT 2012, I Transform You Transform We Are Transformers!!

And yes, of course I also had my 21st birthday on September 5th. Once I said to a friend that I'm afraid of getting older, I want to be 20 years old forever then she told me, "Ma, there's a way if you don't want to get older and stay 20 yo forever. Stop breathing, die in this age then you will be 20 yo forever."

Astaghfirullah.. Like a slap in the head. 

We cannot avoid time to flies. And as the time flying, we're getting older. Baby become kid, kid become teenager, teenager become young adult, young adult become adult, adult become old. Born, being in school, then entering university, getting jobs, getting married, having babies, seeing them to get married, having grandchildren. Most of us are too greedy to want that all. Then what? We also want to stop breathing when we're really old, in a warm bed, seeing family around us make a circle and keep saying "Stay strong, Grandma. It will be okay." while they guide us to say Allah Allah Allah. And then? Our story ends. 

Time flies that fast, we cannot avoid of getting older. But we can live this life preciously. 

There will be hard times, harder times, sweet moments, and all. They are paths that I have to complete till the day I stop breathing. Then I have no reasons to complain because this is the way I have choose. University life is just a little part of it.

Every second in my life is precious. Embrace the upcoming surprises, Rahma!
6 comments on "I Want To Be 20 yo Forever"
  1. Terharu, tapi kok akunya ga ada di gambar yah? :")

  2. Wah hihi ini aku pake koleksi pribadi doang fotonya.. Jadi harap maklum kalo PDKT isinya jadi muka aku :$

  3. Wah hihi ini aku pake koleksi pribadi doang fotonya.. Jadi harap maklum kalo PDKT isinya jadi muka aku :$

  4. wah telat dong ucapin met ultahnya. hehe met ultah deh biar telat nih. moga sukses terus ya

  5. Waa mba fanny!! Aku lamaaa banget nih ngga bw, kangen cerpen-cerpen inspiratifnya mba fanny :)
    Terimakasiiih ucapannya, aamiin. Sakses terus juga mba Fan! hihihi

  6. habis cari 'wangsit' dimana ni mbk, kuk bertapanya lama banget...? :)


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