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AIESEC? I'm a Newie and I'm Deadly Proud of It

Thursday, February 09, 2012
Hoy AIESEC!! How do you feel?

Ah I just miss to scream out “What’s up!!” and “Excellent!!”. Actually that two are some of our jargon in AIESEC.

As I wrote before, I am an AIESECer now, still feel great to be part of this super huge organization. Now, I’m team member of ICX UC YPT, haha, I know it sounds weird just because of the abbreviations. ICX is Incoming Exchange, UC is University Committee, and YPT stands for Yayasan Pendidikan Telkom. I will write more about this kind of things later on.

Anyway, having my first job in AIESEC is quite challenging. We, newies AIESECers YPT have to make an AIESEC Buzz which is kind of open mind and talkshow all about AIESEC. Before AIESEC Buzz is held, we have to open stand to socialize what AIESEC is about in IT Telkom, IM Telkom, Politeknik Telkom and STISI Telkom. Well, not only socialization that we do actually, we also sell AIESEC application form for all Telkomers who interested to join this organization.

I always love to be at stand, giving many explanations, seeing faces with hope, knowing visitors expectations to join AIESEC, discerning how they getting so excited. And yes, it really needs extra energy to stand up all along the day and explaining anything visitors ask yet it still felt great.

I always start to explain by asking first, “Have you been heard AIESEC before? Well what do you know about AIESEC?”, listen to anything they already known about AIESEC and then add some more information they haven’t know yet. So, this is my common conversations with our visitors:

R: Have you been heard AIESEC before? Well what do you know about AIESEC?

V: bla bla blaaaa

R: Exactly! Actually AIESEC is an international youth organization as platform to develop leadership potential and communication skill, exists in 110 countries and offers so many great opportunities including exchange.

V: Exchange?? So, AIESEC is not only in Telkom?

R: Definitely not. In Indonesia, we have AIESEC Indonesia, and there are 6 committees in it, one of them is AIESEC Bandung, and AIESEC Telkom is part of AIESEC Bandung. And yes, exchange. As an AIESEC member, you will find many opportunities for going exchange.

V: what kind of exchange?

R: well, there are two kind of exchange, one we call Global Community Development, and one we call Global Internship Program. I think you sure know the difference, huh?

V: Oh yes, community development is like doing social project, and internship, is it like Geladi or KP?

R: 100% agree! For internship, you have to fulfill requirements like you apply for job, you have to be graduated first, and of course your job in there will be suited with your major domain. Oh I forget, for this internship, commonly it has to be 6 months while community development is commonly 6 weeks.

V: Ya I see I see. What kind of community development I will do there?

R: Actually you can choose what issue you would like to do because in AIESEC there are thousands projects related world issues like HIV/AIDS, children, entrepreneurship, culture and so on.

V: Seems interesting! I don’t need to think hard like doing coding or applying my branch of science there, I don’t need to do coding or think about telecommunication engineering thingy, right?

R: Hahahha, yes I think so. Anyway, do you interested to join AIESEC?

V: Actually yes, but.. uhm.. my English is very suck. Does it need TOEFL for exchange?

R: Nah! Noted that English is not our main requirement, you don’t need to have very fluent English to join AIESEC. Even I do my interview half in English and half in gado-gado, you know, combination of English, Bahasa, and um am em am em, hahaha. Oya and TOEFL is not needed for exchange except you apply for internship exchange.

V: And you are accepted??

R: Thanks God,yes.

V: About financial need, how much I will need to go exchange?

R: First, it depends on your destination, Italy will be greatly different from Thailand of course. You have to cover your flight, when you’re there, you will have a housefam so no worries about where to live. And of course you will not go empty handed, huh? But don’t worry, many AIESECers got sponsor for funding their needs include flight and so on.

V: Hmm.. Clear enough! Oya, if I ask you, why I have to join AIESEC, what will you say?

R: Hoh, okay I’ll make it simple. This organization is truly different with all organizations I joined before. AIESEC provide you opportunity to know yourself better that you even never imagine before, about your passion, your ultimate goal and so on. AIESEC also provide you leadership experiences, chance to improve your communication skill, having global network as AIESEC is not only in Indonesia but in 110 countries, and also work experience like you work in real company with multiculture team members. This organization will help you to develop yourself and develop others in your environment as you can give positive impacts to society.
V: Wow, super cool. Even Rasulullah said, “The very best of you is them who could be the most worthwhile.” I surprise that AIESEC even has the same vision. Ah super cool. How to join AIESEC somehow?
R: Ah I almost forget to explain. Well, all you have to do is buy this form costs 10k rupiah, fill it completely and collect it to us with a motivation letter about why you want to join AIESEC, and a CV of you, altogether. Put it in a blue folder (map biru) then give it to us, in our stand here, or to one of us, or in AIESEC Buzz. We’ll have AIESEC Buzz, some kind of talkshow about what AIESEC is about. You have to come, it really worth to know.

V: Aaaah cant wait to be part of this super cool organization!! Thank youuuuuu~

Nah! Yet still not clear enough? Come to our stand in Square B IT Telkom, and wait for the stand-tour in IM Telkom, Poltek Telkom and STISI Telkom. Don’t forget to attend AIESEC Buzz ya! J

At last, decision is yours, whether you want to be apathetic student and don’t care about social and world issues; you want to wait for the miracle to come after you graduate then you think what to do; or joining AIESEC to grab opportunities to develop yourself and others, now, no more time to wait and no need to wait for miracle. It’s all yours.

Still thinking? Don’t think! Some kind of thing is not worth to think but do, and AIESEC is one of that thing. Feel the experience, feel the difference, only in AIESEC!

Want to know more? Want to get application form?
Come to our stand, or you can freely text me via twitter @rahmadjati, phone number by DM.

3 comments on "AIESEC? I'm a Newie and I'm Deadly Proud of It"
  1. that's very cool thing i've ever heard. i'm practicly hopeless, and this note make me think twice whether i should go on or go back haha :D seriously that global community exchange no need toefl certificate? nah, i never do toefl test before

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Hi Lutfi! :)

    yes, toefl certificate is no need. so just go with it! :e


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